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The Stupa is a source of blessings; not only because it represents the enlightened mind of the Buddha, but because, within, it contains relics and objects that irradiate and enhance all practitioners’ achievements. It represents our spiritual path as sentient beings and Dharma practitioners.


The favorite practice of Buddhists

is to circumvent the Stupa.

To “circumvent” means to walk in circles around something. Circumventing the Stupa symbolizes taking refuge in the Three Jewels: The Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. “Circumventing is a powerful practice to purify negative karma and accumulate virtue.” It is particularly recommended for anyone who has problems in life, those in need of purification, those who need to create causes of success, and those in sickness, as well as a way to benefit animals.

Who are we?

The Garchen Enlightenment Stupa Society is an interdisciplinary group of people from different backgrounds, contexts, and countries, committed with the Buddhist practice of Dharma. We seek the liberation of all sentient beings through the dissemination of Dharmic teachings —under the teachings and transmissions of our teacher, Khenpo Samdup Rinpoche.   

The Enlightenment Stupa arises from a vision. A vision of lanterns built in locations throughout Latin America that spread Dharma in all regions and to all sentient beings.

Our mission is to spread Dharma in the Americas. To create a dharmic platform that can be replicated in different countries, based on love, respect and compassion towards all sentient beings, searching to liberate from the cycle of suffering. We recognize the transcendence of Buddhist teachings, which require their transmission through spiritual teachers.

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